The pleasant atmosphere of the club, convenient parking, friendly staff - all integral measures of success, but what if the sports equipment will not match the declared status? Guided by this principle, a gym, fitness club "Grand Prix" is equipped with the world's best manufacturers.

Trainers in the "Grand Prix"

One of the most famous brands of sports simulators Italian production Tehnogym, which many times has been the official supplier of the Olympic Games, it is also represented in the fitness club "Grand Prix".

The gym and cardio you can meet strength fitness brand Tehnogym

Also popular fitness equipment is considered to be trade names Life Fitness and Hammer Strength, known among athletes as a reliable and qualitative equipment. Following the high demands of consumers, these brands generate their own new line of exercise equipment on the market of constant research and improvement of its equipment. Simulators are easy to use, configure, accessible and understandable even for beginners, the weight can be easily adjusted based on the level of physical training and customer data.

Fitness Club Grand Prix simulators equipped with Life Fitness and Hammer Strength.

In the gym of the club you can see the power of these brand simulators and training they give you a real pleasure. World-class athletes train with this equipment, customers of Fitness Club Grand Prix also have the opportunity to go in for sports with the high-quality equipment with a minimum risk to physical health.

In order to reduce the probability of the queue to the equipment in the fitness club Grand Prix it is equipped with the optimal amount of exercise equipment, and the most popular models are duplicated in several different ways, so that everyone had enough sports equipment and expectation freed simulator never caught up with clients Grand Prix. Practice without interruption, without the stress and discomfort!

TRX in the Grand Prix

Suffice original and functional equipment is the TRX, which makes it possible to train several muscles at the same time. This type of equipment is actively used for group and individual training.


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